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Meet your teacher! About our ESL experts on Skype

What makes our teachers different?

  • Success in teaching and drive for student satisfaction
  • Energy and passion for teaching ESL
  • Confidence that every student will improve significantly
  • Nurturing teachers help you to achieve greater fluency


That's what makes us Skype English Class Now!

Let's do this!

Discover ESL on Skype and find your personal teacher today!

Our students have found great success: promotions, better business partnerships, improved test scores, greater fluency, self-accomplishment, etc. We couldn't be prouder! You need to get ready to learn the easy way from an expert teacher who will save you time, money and stress! We combine the convenience of Skype with the high quality backgrounds of our teachers. Check out our classes and read what our students say about our online ESL classes!


Also, read about the credentials of our highly qualified teaching staff. All of our teachers have advanced degrees in English and education. They draw on their educations along with their rich experiences in the classroom and on Skype to help our students learn ESL as quickly, conveniently, and efficiently as possible!


Most importantly, they make learning English on Skype as simple and fun as possible! Our teachers know that you have busy lives. Why make learning English on Skype another choir to add to your list? During your free trial lesson, tell your teacher what it is that you want out of English classes. Then, get down to business and focus on the goals that you have set for yourself and get instant assistance and feedback from your personal ESL teacher and have a great time learning! After all, that's what we're here for!

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