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Body parts for ESL students

This is a blog post that will help ESL students learn the names of body parts in English. The first part will show the names of the body parts. The second is a short sentence completion exercise to help students learn how to use these words in sentences.


Body Parts in English


Example: The man's eye is blue.





Example: She has braided hair.





Example: The clown has a big, red nose.





Example: The grey rabbit has long ears!





Example: She is putting makeup on her cheek.





Example: The giraffe has a long neck.





Example: The men are carrying things on their shoulders.





Example: The people are raising their arms.





Example: He types on the computer with his fingers.





Example: Her elbows are on the table.





Example: If you like something, put your thumbs up.





Example: The person has white shoes on his feet.





Example: The knee is red.





Example: She is painting her toenails red.

Sentence Completion Exercise about Body Parts

Complete the sentences by choosing the correct answer

1. Hands have one ____ and four fingers.


a. knee

b. nose

c. thumb



2. You bend your legs with your ____.


a. knees

b. elbows

c. fingers



3. You bend your arms with your ____.


a. knees

b. elbows

c. fingers



4. He types on the computer with his ____.


a. toes

b. fingers

c. ears



5. People have five ___ on their feet.


a. toes

b. fingers

c. cheeks



6. Another name for the side of your face is ____.


a. cheek

b. shoulder

c. neck



7. Students usually raise their ___ when they have questions in school.


a. legs

b. arms

c. shoulders



8. People have two ___ on the sides of their heads.


a. noses

b. knees

c. ears



9. Giraffes have very long ____.


a. necks

b. shoulders

c. noses



10. The clown has a big, red ___.


a. neck

b. shoulder

c. nose


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