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How to Defend Being Vegan

Source: The Atlantic


  1. Russel Simmons uses the idiom, “Devil’s Advocate,” at the beginning of the interview. What does it mean?


  1. What does Russel Simmons say in response to the argument that the journalist can’t become vegan because meat tastes so good?


  1. How does Simmons respond to the argument that being vegan is expensive?


  1. How does he respond to the question about being vegan and having big muscles?


  1. How does he respond to the argument that being vegan makes you socially awkward?


  1. Someone who counter-argues your point is the devil's advocate . Often your friend will “play” devil’s advocate. Your friend doesn’t really believe the opposite opinion and they agree with you. However, they argue simply because they want to argue.
  2. Your palate (sense of taste) can change very quickly.
  3. He gives examples of vegan foods that are inexpensive.
  4. There are many vegan weight lifters, football players, and other athletes who eat vegan diets.
  5. Simmons thinks that many vegans are actually “sweet and humble.”
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