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How to Practice English


How to Practice English teaches students the best ways to practice English. The most important thing to remember when is that English is everywhere because it is the “global language.” So how does that help you learn English now? 


Since English is the global language, that means you can find it everywhere. Turn on the TV, the radio, read the news, even look at store signs and subway signs - you will see and hear English. You can also go to English language websites like Skype English Class Now. Even if you don’t live in an English speaking country, I’m certain you can quickly find English everywhere.


Hear English, listen to it, read it, live it. I know that this is effective because it helped me to gain an ear for Korean when I first started to learn– that is, it helped me to understand the sounds, the flow, and the construction (building) of sentences. As a beginner or even intermediate or advanced learner, this is very important. (For more about me, Josh Shaman.)

Radio and TV

Most areas of the world have radio shows in English that you can listen to for free. Many of these shows even feature native English speakers! You should be able to listen on the internet too or even download podcasts. You can also use YouTube! There are MILLIONS of songs in English, and many songs on YouTube show the lyrics so you can read the song’s words with the music! There are even English lessons.

On TV, some shows and movies will be available with subtitles. Use them to help you understand what you’re hearing. If you are a beginner or intermediate learner, try to watch with the subtitles first to get a basic idea of what’s happening. Afterwards, you can try without the text on the screen. If you have advanced English skills, you can skip right to watching without subtitles.

There are also DVDs and Blu-Rays for sale with English subtitles. Since Hollywood movies are all over the world, they’re easy to find in movie theaters! All of this can help to build listening comprehension.


The news is a great way to understand what is happening in the world, and lots of news organizations provide English language versions of the news. Don’t worry though! Even if your local paper or country’s national papers aren’t in English, Voice of America and BBC World Service (UK) provide news in English – and it’s all designed for English language learners!


The internet is an infinite (endless) resource for English. There are articles like this one, Pronunciation videos, English lessonsgrammar and writing guides, blogs and groups for people like you who want to learn, etc. etc. etc. The possibilities are incredible, and they grow daily!

Family, Friends and Co-Workers

Taking classes from a native English speaker is the best way to learn and another good way is to frequently communicate in English with native speakers. After that, I recommend that you speak English with family, friends and co-workers. These people may speak English well, or they may just be intermediate level speakers. It’s ok either way. It’s good to get into the habit of speaking. It helps you to start hearing English (its sounds, rhythms, etc.), to develop a better vocabulary, to understand structure, and most importantly togain confidence in speaking.

If you put in the effort, you can find someone to help you. You can use social media and other networking sites to meet native and non-native English speakers who live in your area. For example, there are communities online like our Facebook page.


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