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Slang in American English - N



A game near the end where the outcome is unknown.
We almost lost! It was a real nail-biter.

Nailed it:
Got it exactly right.
The answer's 227. Nailed it.

Cool, good, awesome. (This term is getting a little old, but is still used commonly.)
That’s really neat!

Geek, socially awkward. A little harsher than geek.
He’s a computer nerd.


A question, situation or proposition with an easy answer.
He asked if I wanna work at Google or McDonald’s. Such a no-brainer.  

No sweat:
No problem. 
“Thanks for helping!” “Yep, no sweat!”

No way:
Means that something will NOT happen – Also means something is unbelievable and interesting.
There is no way I'm wearing that.
You got tickets to the concert! No way!

Nuclear Weapon (bomb).
I hope all countries destroy their nukes.

Nuts (Go nuts):
He went nuts when I asked his girlfriend out on a date.


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