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Airplanes Sentence Completion

1. An airplane's ailerons control _____.


a. pitch

b. yaw

c. roll

d. thrust



2. ______ are the people who ride on a plane, but don't work on a plane. 


3. The ______ is the road to the runway.


a. hangar

b. apron

c. airport

d. taxiway


4. A _____ is like a garage for airplanes.


a. hangar

b. mechanic

c. taxiway

d. apron



5. The wings of an airplane give it _____.



a. thrust

b. drag

c. lift

d. gravity



6. When an airplane leaves the runway and goes up into the air, this is called a _____.


a. crash

b. landing

c. take off

d. taxi



7. ____ sit in the cockpit.


8. _____ control yaw.


a. ailerons

b. rudders

c. elevators

d. wings



9. _____ help the passengers in the cabin. 



10. _____ control pitch.


a. elevators

b. rudders

c. ailerons

d. wings



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