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"The Weekend"

It was Friday, and Timothy was thinking about what he wanted to do on the weekend. He was tired from working hard all week, so he wanted to relax. He also wanted to see his friends.


"What will I do on Saturday and Sunday?" thought Timothy. "I have two days to do what I want."


"First, I will sleep late on Saturday morning. I usually wake up at 5:00 am. That is too early. Tomorrow I will wake up at 10:00 am. That is late. I will not feel sleepy if I wake up at 10:00 am!"


"Then I will brush my teeth and brush my hair. I will wash my face and then I will go to the kitchen to eat breakfast. I went to the grocery store today, so there are lots of delicious foods to eat. I have bananas and blueberries. I will eat bananas and blueberries and drink a cup of tea."


"After breakfast I will read the newspaper. I was too busy this week to read the newspaper. I did not have enough extra time. I will also look at which movies are playing at the movie theater. The movie schedule is in the back of the newspaper, and I will look at the schedule after I read the news."


"Next I will call Julie, my girlfriend. I love Julie, and she loves me. That is why she is my girlfriend. I will marry Julie in the summer. We are planning to have a small wedding. But we are not married right now, and that is why she is my girlfriend. After we get married, she will be my wife, and I will be her husband. I am so happy that she will be my wife!"


"At noon, I will make lunch. I will cook rice and vegetables. I will eat rice and vegetables and feed my dog. My dog will eat lunch with me."


"After lunch I will cut the grass on my lawn. I have a small lawn, so it will not take a long time. It is spring right now, and the grass is growing quickly. I have to cut the grass every weekend. I have a machine called a lawnmower, and it is easy to cut the grass. I just turn on the lawn mower and push it over the grass."

"In the evening I will walk to Julie's apartment. We will go to a restaurant near her apartment, and then we will go to the movie theater and watch the movie."


"I will sleep late on Sunday morning too because the movie will end late. It will end at 11 pm. I will sleep until 10:30 am."


"Julie will come to my house and we will play with my dog on the lawn. The lawn will have short grass because I will have mowed the lawn. It will be nice. We will make lunch together and rest all day. We will rest because we will go back to work on Monday. It will be a great weekend!"


(Questions with pictures have answers! Just click the picture!)

1. When will Timothy wake up on Saturday?

2. What will Timothy do after breakfast?

3. Where is the movie theater schedule?

4. Timothy mows the lawn every _______.

5. What will Timothy and Julie do before watching the movie?

6. What is this?

7. What grows on the lawn?

8. What will Timothy eat for lunch on Saturday?

9. Where will Timothy and Julie eat on Saturday night?

10. Why will Timothy and Julie rest on Sunday?

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