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Astronomy Sentence Completion

1. The moon ____ around the Earth.


a. spins

b. orbits

c. rotates

d. shines



2. The closest planet to the Sun is ______.


a. Venus

b. Earth

c. Jupiter

d. Mercury



3. The Earth spins around its _____.


4. Planets orbit around _____.


a. other planets

b. moons

c. stars

d. black holes



5. When the sun is blocked by the moon moving in front of it during the daytime, this is called a solar ____.

a. eclipse

b. flare

c. system

d. year



6. _____ is the largest planet in the solar system. 


a. Neptune

b. Uranus

c. Pluto

d. Jupiter


7. A _____ is made of dust and ice.


a. planet

b. comet

c. asteroid

d. moon


8. A _____ is a giant group of stars. 


9. _____ are people who travel into space on missions. 



10. _____ are people who study the stars and universe. 


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