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5 Things You Need to do in Hokkaido



  1. What are the five things you need to do in Hokkaido?
  2. Why does the narrator like the food stalls?
  3. What kind of beer does the waitress recommend to the narrator?
  4. What are two adjectives the narrator uses to describe the ice cream in Hokkaido?
  5. What does the narrator apologize for?
  6. What does the narrator think about conveyor belt sushi in general? What does she think of this restaurant?
  7. What kind of food did the narrator once hate?



1. The five things the narrator recommends are: going to the Sapporo snow festival, trying the lamb barbecue, visiting Noboribetsu, eating ice cream made from Hokkaido milk, and eating local sushi.

2. The narrator likes the food stalls because you can try a little bit of everything.

3. The narrator recommends trying the chocolate beer.

4. She calls it milky and delicious. 

5. The narrator apologizes for mostly talking about food.

6. The narrator considers conveyor belt sushi to be the "fast food" of sushi. However, she thinks the conveyor belt sushi she ate at the restaurant in the video was very good quality. 

7. The narrator once hated to eat sea urchin.

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