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Hubble Trouble - How did the Space Telescope Mirror End Up Flawed?



1. In 1990, why did the Space Shuttle Discovery fly to a higher altitude than it ever did before? (0:05)


2. What was the first problem that the Hubble Telescope had? (0:32)


3. Between what years was the telescope’s mirror manufactured? (1:15)


4. Why did they use a nickel-iron alloy to check the smoothness of the mirror? (2:39)


5. Why was the reflection of the metering rod not accurate? (3:44)


6. What did the team do when they discovered that the mirror was not perfect during the second test? (5:16)


7. How much did the telescope cost? (5:50)


8. How long does NASA expect the Hubble Telescope to be in operation? (6:50)


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