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Bus Travel in Brazil



  1. Why is it sometimes difficult for foreigners to buy bus tickets online in Brazil?
  2. What should you look for when you get to the bus station?
  3. What should you be prepared for on longer bus rides?
  4. What do you need to get your bag back from the cargo compartment after you get to your destination?
  5. Which kind of drink shouldn’t you bring on a bus?
  6. Why should you consider wearing a seatbelt on Brazilian buses?

Answers (No peeking until you are done!):


  1. It is sometimes difficult for foreigners to buy bus tickets online because you often need to enter a Brazilian personal ID number (similar to an American Social Security number) to buy tickets online.
  2. You should look for which bus company provides rides to the destination you want to go to.
  3. You should be prepared for the restrooms to not work sometimes on longer bus rides.
  4. You need your ticket to reclaim your bags at the end of a bus ride.
  5. You should not bring canned beverages on a bus.
  6. You should wear a seatbelt because there are some really big speed bumps in Brazil.
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