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Slang in American English - S



Schmuk (Yiddish word used in English):
Fool, idiot.
That’s guy is such a schmuk.


An extremely hot day.
It's a scorcher today...and every other day thanks to climate change. : (


Screw up:
Make a mistake.
I screwed up, ok? I’m sorry.


Criticize or wonder about decisions after learning the results.
Managers can't spend time second-guessing themselves.


A photo you take of yourself.
People used to take pictures of other people, but now they just take selfies!  
The ultimate selfie!

Selfie stick:
A pole that attaches to a smart phone enabling users to take selfies. You probably already guessed that though!
Selfie sticks are pretty cheap (~$10), but I don't like them.


Snail mail:

Postal mail.
I love getting snail mail.



Sarcastic, irritable, cranky.
Snarky people are super annoying.

Space out:
Zone out. To day-dream and forget where you are or what you’re doing.
In class, sometimes it’s hard to focus; I often zone out on accident.

I’m gonna split. See you guys later.

Break up.
She split-up with me because she’s moving to Australia.

Hidden collection.
I stashed some food in my backpack before class.

Stick to (something):
Keep doing.
I’ll stick to my plan and go home after practice.

Clear. Also heterosexual (not gay).
Give me a straight answer.
Why do you care if he’s straight or not?

Straight up:
Being honest.
Straight up, are you telling the truth? 

Strike up a conversation:
Start a conversation. 
It’s hard to strike up a conversation with a stranger.

Stuck up:
Overly proud of yourself.
She’s stuck up.

Attractive person.
She’s a real stunner.  

Someone who is easy to trick or deceive.
He’s a sucker when he’s around an attractive woman.

Sugar daddy or sugar mama:
A rich boyfriend or girlfriend who supports you.
Having a sugar daddy is bad decision-making.


What's up?
Hey dude! Sup? 

Awesome, great, amazing.
That ride was sweet! Let’s get back in line! 

Sweet tooth:
Really enjoy candy, chocolate, etc.
The other night, I had a serious sweet tooth. 


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