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Irregular verbs in simple past tense - exercise

It's easy to learn the past tense form for many verbs--just add "ed" at the end. However, there are many verbs which are irregular. One cannot simply add "ed." Since irregular verbs are quite common in English, it's important to learn the simple past tense form of these verbs. There's no simple "rule" or pattern for these verbs, so, unfortunately, ESL students must learn each one individually.


Try the worksheet below to see if you already know the simple past tense form of the following irregular verbs (hint: one of the verbs has a regular "ed" ending).

1. I _____ [think] you went on vacation.


2. I ____ [tell] him that you went on vacation.


3. He ______ [become] angry when he learned I went on vacation without him.


4. The worker at the hotel _____ [show] me around my room.


5. I ____ [leave] my toothbrush in my hotel room.


6. I ____ [feel] sad when my vacation was over.


7. We ____ [put] our suitcase in the corner of our hotel room.


8. The parents _____ [bring] their children with them on vacation.


9. Our vacation ____ [begin] on July 1st.


10. We ____ [take] the soap from our hotel bathroom.



1. thought


2. told


3. became


4. showed


5. left


6. felt


7. put


8. brought


9. began


10. took

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