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Slang in American English - M



Make a big deal about:
Highlight something to make it seem more important.
Quit making a big deal about my bed time, mom!

Make a go of:
Try to succeed at.
I’m gonna make a good of being a chef. 

Make a beeline for:
To quickly go somewhere (generally to leave).
She made a beeline for the exit when she saw her blind date.

Make a killing:
To earn lots of money.
She made a killing selling her hand-knit scarves.


Not real, imaginary.
Love can make you feel like you’re in a make believe world. 

Make waves:
To attract attention.
She made waves in the auto industry with her innovative style.


Buddy, friend, etc.
You don’t know what you’re talking about man.

Maxed out:
Reached the limit (usually for credit cards).
My credit card is maxed out again.

Collapse, failure.
Our boss just had a meltdown in the meeting and started screaming at everyone!

Mess up:
Make a mistake.
I messed up big time.


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