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The DON'Ts of Visiting Barcelona, Spain



1. Why shouldn't you eat on Las Ramblas?

2. What will the police do if you tell them you have been pick pocketed?

3. The narrator says not to underestimate the pick pockets? What does underestimate mean?

4. When SHOULDN’T you try and go to a restaurant?

5. Who might you not be able to keep up with in Barcelona?




1. The restaurants on Las Ramblas are overpriced, "under culturally fooded" (the narrator probably meant that the food here doesn't adequately represent the local culture), and not good.


2. The police will laugh at you if you tell them you've been pickpocketed (nice, huh?).


3. Underestimate means to think that something is less important than it really is. In this context, it means to assume that pickpockets will not bother you.


4. You shouldn't try going to a restaurant before noon--or even one o'clock--because they are usually not open.


5. You might not be able to party as long as the locals in Barcelona. (Hmm...maybe that's why the restaurants don't open until after noon or o'clock...)

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