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Idioms - R


A ticket you can use later; a meeting/date moved to another time.

I had tickets for the game, but it rained. I got a raincheck so I can go another day instead.


Raining Cats and Dogs:

Raining hard.

It’s really raining cats and dogs out there today!


Right the Ship: 

Correct problems (especially used in Business English).

When she took over as CEO, she had to right the ship.

Rise and Shine:

Wake up.

Rise and shine honey; time to get up for work! 


Rocky (A bit rocky): 

Difficult, tough, rough. 

I always try to make the best of a rocky situation.

Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day:

Some things take a while to work perfectly.

I just started my company, so of course I’m not rich! Rome wasn’t built in a day!


Run out of Steam:

To lose all of your energy.

I ran out of steam, but I only finished with half of my essay.

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