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The 10 Best Ways to Improve Your English

1. Speak It


This isn’t the Matrix! We can’t plug you in and upload English to your brain. Speak English to become confident in your speaking, to hear your pronunciation so you can improve it, and to develop your vocabulary.


2. Practice Every Day


Yeah, that’s right. I said it. EVERY DAY. Do you use your native language every day? Of course you do. If you want to become fluent in English, you need to do the same thing. Read or watch the news, listen to the radio, watch YouTube lessons, talk with friends (yes talking counts!)


3. Make Friends who Speak English


This goes with numbers #1 and #2. You need to communicate in English with native or non-native speakers. Friends, family, and co-workers will help! You can also check online for English clubs or language exchange partners – don’t be shy!


4. Review


You must review what you learned often or it’s gonna slip out of your mind.


5. Become Your Own Teacher


You might not have English knowledge about the career field you are in or a job you want to get, or you don’t know how to discuss problems you have in your life. Use the internet or English books to find vocabulary and related idioms and expressions.


6. Be Your Own Boss


Be accountable (responsible) for your success. Boss yourself around! After all, if you don’t learn English, is it your teacher’s problem, your mom’s problem, your dog’s problem? No, it’s yours! Make yourself proud of you!


7. 'Think' in English


There’s a chance to use English every time you do or see something. You probably hear language in your brain. For example, I just looked over and saw my Christmas tree and thought, “What a nice tree.” Think about it in English and don’t be shy to say what you’re thinking out loud! 


8. Entertain Yourself with English


Do you like movies and TV? You’ve probably watched TENS of THOUSANDS of hours of TV in your native language already! Skip it. Watch in English.


9. Teach English


Wait what? Teach English? Yeah, do it. One of the best ways to learn new information is teaching it. The bonds (synapses) in your brain get stronger. Teach your friends or family what you just learned and try to teach your teacher too (explain why first!).


10. Have Fun


After all, you learn best when you’re happy and enjoying what you’re learning. Make songs in English in your head. Write a poem or a story. Try to think of English words that sound funny or rhyme together and say them out loud:

A whale can’t hide.
Don’t SLEEP on a STEEP mountain.


Here's an example of me trying this in Korean!

I take learning seriously, but also make my classes fun. 


Life is short - live happily!



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