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Idioms - L

Laid back:

Easy going; not easily upset.

My mom is laid back. She stays cool even under the hardest of circumstances.



A country surrounded by land (no water access).

Andorra is landlocked between Spain and France.

Last but not least:

Introducing a person or topic at the end, but emphasizing that he/she/it is still important.

And last but not least, my best friend, Bill!


Leave no stone unturned:

To do everything possible to find something or solve a problem.

I will leave no stone unturned in my search for my cell phone!


Left a Bad Taste: 

An incident or experience that creates a bad memory.

His attitude left a bad taste in my mouth. I didn't want to see him again after that.



Calm, relaxed, rational thinking.

No matter what the situation, she's always levelheaded.


Level the playing field: 

Make fair or equal.

Walmart is such a giant company, so it's really an unlevel playing field for small businesses.


Let off some steam:

To release anger by talking.

Since you had such a bad day at work, do you want to talk about it and let off some steam?


Let The Cat Out Of The Bag:

To share something before you were supposed to.

I didn’t know Kim didn’t tell anyone yet! I really let the cat out of the bag.


Like a bump on a log:

Idle, unresponsive.

Why is he just sitting there like a bump on a log? He should be working!


Like a chicken with its head cut off:

In a crazy way.

Those boys were running around like chickens with their heads cut off. 

Liquor someone up:

To get them drunk.

She liquored him up before she broke up with him.


Loose Cannon:

A person who is out of control and could do something dangerous or harmful.

That John, he’s a real loose cannon. Watch out for him.

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