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10 Powerful Business English Words

You better believe that words have weight, power, and force that can improve your business English and strengthen how you deliver your message. That's right, some words are known to encourage people to spend money, to agree with a speaker's opinions, etc. You need to carefully study the words here, and then you should implement them into your sales pitch, your marketing project, your public speech, or any other business English you use.


1. You

You always ranks as the
 most powerful word. You want to feel attention, to feel like companies are talking exclusively to you. Look at commercials for example


Even here...telling you that I've helped some students become fluent in English has far less power than saying, "You will become fluent in English."


2. Results

Business is all about results. What can you do to improve a client, customer or user's experience. How can you satisfy them? 


3. Save

Save is probably equally important to results. How much money (another keyword!) can you save a company or customer? People want to feel like they are getting a good price, a special discount. Companies want to reduce costs.  


4. New

New is always good - whether it's a car, house, TV or phone. We are excited about new things, and we are happy to discover something first! 

5. Discover

Just like new, discover makes people feel excitement and joy. Discover makes you think of adventures, exploring and other fun things. Discover the
power of English!

6. Love

Love is more powerful than other human emotions. Just the thought of love is exciting. Knowing how strong love is, you need to use it to sell.

Renew your love on a vacation to Jamaica!
You'll love my plan for our company! 
You'll fall in love with our new candle scents! 

7. Health

Health doesn't always apply of course, but when it comes to food, diet, medical services, insurance, etc., health sells. People are very aware of their health, and they want to feel comfortable about their health.

8. Guaranteed

When customers buy a service or product, they often fear - what if it doesn't work or what if I don't like it? Using a guarantee comforts them into the purchase.  

9. Easy

Life can be hard, and people don't want to add any stress. People like 'easy-to-use' products, easy assembly, easy anything! Even for English, I try to make classes easy but effective to prevent stress.

*So easy, a baby could do it!*

10. Safe

No matter how cool something is, how innovative, how much it could simplify our lives, it
must be safe. People will always want to know if the product or service is safe. Safe is also important when telling your boss about your new plans. It's safe for the company to try!


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