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Why Learn English?


ESL students and people in general often wonder why they should learn English. Quite clearly it's a significant question as students are investing time and money into learning. Well, while for some people there may be natural joy in learning languages (polyglots for instance), most students need more motivation than that.


There are really 2 broad categories of English language learners: people who need to learn business English for their job and people who require it for their personal life.


Students who need English for their professional life understand the obvious advantages of speaking English: it is the official language of roughly 60-80 countries, around 20% of the world’s population speaks English either as a first or additional language, people who speak different languages use English as a bridge, and therefore if people learn English they are likely to get a better job.


Students who need English for their personal life want to do a variety of things with their English skills: they want to study abroad, travel, communicate with friends from different countries (even friends who aren’t from English-speaking countries!), live in another country, teach their children, and enjoy movies and TV in English.


Skype English Class Now offers free grammar and pronunciation guides to help you achieve your goals, whether professional or personal. But beyond that, if you're really serious, your journey discovering English will be less stressful and more effective if you learn from us!


You see, lots of students and teachers still believe you need to spend years studying English to learn the language, but you really don't. To communicate at a reasonable level effectively, you need to understand the foundations of English and you need to put that into practice by speaking English frequently and correctly. 

Go ahead and sign up for a free class to achieve the results you require!


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