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Complete the sentences


Here you will find a multiple choice sentence completion worksheet for intermediate English speakers. Choose the correct answer from four possible choices. You can click on the answers to check if you are right!


As with all of our Extra English Help, these worksheets are free and open to all English students, whether or not you've signed up for Skype English classes with us. 

1. The most _____ boy at school was elected class president.



2. We mainly drove on ____ during the long trip from New York to San Francisco.

a. alleys

b. highways

c. runways

d. paths


3. I already knew what the teacher was teaching, so I was _____ at school today.


a. bored

b. nervous

c. excited

d. depressed



4. Ferdinand Magellan organized the first expedition around the _____ using sailing ships.


a. circle

b. sphere

c. map

d. globe


5. The girl tied her hair using a _____.



a. ribbon

b. tape

c. string

d. floss



6. After scrubbing dirty dishes with soap, you should _____ them with clean water.


a. swim

b. rinse

c. wipe

d. drown



7. The music had a fast ____ which made me excited. 



a. rhythm

b. volume

c. instrument

d. noise


8. The plane did a series of ____ maneuvers during the air show.


a. marine

b. aerial

c. land based

d. academic



9. All the ______ got off the train at the last stop.


a. dancers

b. employees

c. passengers

d. pilots



10. I was well behaved and ____ at the fancy restaurant.


a. polite

b. rude

c. exhausted

d. anxious


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