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Complete the sentences


Here you will find a multiple choice sentence completion worksheet for advanced speakers. Choose the correct answer from four possible choices. You can click on the answers to check if you are right!


As with all of our Extra English Help, these worksheets are free and open to all English students, whether or not you've signed up for Skype English classes with us. 


1. Open the window, please! The bed and closet are damp. It sure is ____ in here!


a. airy

b. musty

c. cavernous

d. dry


2. The long ears on blood hounds help ____ different scents to the dogs' noses.



a. ventilate

b. engage

c. waft

d. conceal



3. The ____ refused to eat the cake at the party because it had dairy and eggs in it.


a. vegan

b. vegetarian

c. aficionado

d. foodie



4. I enjoyed the afternoon ____ as I relaxed in my hammock.



a. gust

b. jet stream

c. zephyr

d. whirl


5. There are many different kinds of people and cultures in New York City. It is a _______ city.



a. cosmological

b. cosmopolitan

c. cosmic

d. cosy



6. I'll be late for dinner tonight. I'm ____ in traffic right now.


a. stuffed

b. jammed

c. stuck

d. concealed


7. The admiral shook hands with his ____ after working together to win the battle.


a. ally

b. axis

c. benefactor

d. rival



8. The police pulled over the driver because she ______ the speed limit.



9. After falling down, she ______ for me to come over.



10. I have been eating healthy foods and exercising to stay _____.



a. gaunt

b. rotund

c. fit

d. satiated



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