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Listening Comprehension

Here at Skype English Class Now, we find that even students who are suberb readers, writers, and speakers sometimes may have problems with understanding spoken English. It's often hard to find native speakers to listen to--especially if you live in a non-English speaking country. Moreover, we think that it's important to understand a variety of English accents. Certain accents may initially seem difficult to comprehend, but with practice you'll learn to understand them.


We find that listening comprehension is key to your English education. For example, imagine applying for a job and sitting down with someone during a job interview. If you can't understand what the interviewer is asking you, it may feel awkward or embarrassing to ask them to repeat themselves. Even worse, it might reflect poorly on you as a job candidate. This is why it is our belief as English educators that listening comprehension be a part of your learning journey.


Whether or not you've signed up for Skype English classes with us, feel free to browse through the different videos we've posted on this page. You'll find YouTube videos along with listening comprehension questions (and their answers) in this section of our website. 


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