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Tips how to make a fire bundle

This listening comprehension activity will challenge you to listen for all the missing prepositions in the video.

Watch the video above to help you complete the following sentences:
I love the family aspect 1.___ going to the cottage 2.___ the wintertime. And what I like to do every fall is 3.___ get the kids involved, and set you up so that when you arrive 4.___ the cold, winter cottage when you gotta get warm quickly, you got everything 5.___ place. And it's real simple. Get 6.___, get a bunch of liquor store bags, you know, the wine...paper wine bags? And get the kids gathering twigs, birch bark. Filling 7.___ the you gotta imagine you got three or four little kids running 8___. They're getting the twigs. They're having fun. They're getting some birch bark from old, dead birch trees maybe lying 9.___ the ground. And they start to fill 10.___ these bags. With a little trick to add to it. You say, OK. Let's go get all those little tea lights that you got kicking around...everyone's using these these days. Well, you've always got this reside wax left 11.___. Basically just break these open, take all the wax, start putting the wax 12.___ into all the paper bags. So you've got this perfect tinder bundle all set up. You've got twigs sticking 13.___ of the top. Birch bark 14.___ there. Maybe some dried grass, dried leaves. Whatever the kids grab, it doesn't really matter. And then the wax 15.___ these tea lights. And you've got yourself a perfect tinder bundle.
Life 16.___ the cottage. 
Next 17.___. Get the fire going. Best way to be prepared is to take the time, maybe 15, 20 minutes when you were last 18.___ the cottage and have all of your firewood ready to go. If possible, that is, if you are not leaving a fire going 19.___ the cottage, to go ahead and get it all set up. Gotta remember sometimes cottages are used by people 20.___ dire emergencies where they have to break in to get warm because somebody's fallen 21.___ the ice. It might be your place that they need to use as that emergency stop. What I do is I actually put the thicker pieces 22.___ the bottom of the wood stove and then I put all the tinder material on top. And then a few semi thick pieces 23.___ top of that. And I find that really makes a fire catch well. A lot of times you might put all the small stuff on the bottom and then build it and put the bigger pieces on top. If the small stuff wasn't just right or doesn't catch right the big piece can squash down on it and put the fire 24.___. So I like to put the big pieces 25.___ the bottom just to start out with. If it's all set and ready to go, and the beauty is that I can light the paper and the wax 26.___ just makes everything burn beautifully. And I'm not sitting there hoping it'll catch--it'll catch. And you'll get yourself warm 27.___ no time. 
1. of
2. in
3. to
4. to
5. in
6. out
7. up
8. around
9. on
10. up
11. over
12. down
13. out
14. in
15. from
16. at
17. up
18. at
19. in
20. in
21. through
22. on 
23. on
24. out
25. on
26. inside
27. in
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