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Slang in American English - B


Bachelor pad:
House or apartment where a single male lives alone.
How’s your bachelor pad?

Back in the (my) day:
Years ago or a long time ago.
Back in the day, we had black and white TVs.


A person who talks badly about you when you’re not around.
I thought she was my friend, but she’s just a backstabber. 

To talk badly about someone.
I’m tired of being bad-mouthed by my friends.

Abbreviation for "emotional baggage" - all of someone’s bad previous experiences, memories, broken relationships, etc.
I wanna date him, but he’s got so much baggage. 

Ballpark figure:
Give me a ballpark on what the cost will be.


I hope you have an awesome birthday bash!

Exhausted, tired.
Tennis was tiring. I’m beat! 


Beats me:
I don't know.
Where's the TV remote? Beats me! 

MW car.
That’s a really cool beemer!

Behind bars:
In jail.
I don’t wanna end up behind bars for some small crime. 

Behind me (That’s behind me):
In the past and not relevant now.
All of that stuff about me as a teenage is behind me now.

Bent out of shape:
Annoyed, angry.
Don’t get all bent out of shape about our talk. 

Big Deal:
To be a serious issue.
I don’t mind. It’s not a big deal!

Big time:
I made a big time mistake!


Binge watching:
When you watch 4 or more episodes of a TV show in a row.

I can't believe I just binge-watched a whole season of Breaking Bad. My eyes are gonna fall out!

I'm getting nice and comfy because I'm gonna spend my whole Saturday binge-watching House of Cards!


Flashy jewelry. 

It's fun to try on ridiculous bling.


To waste.
She blew all of her money on stupid things.


Blow someone away:
Impress a lot.
It really blew me away that she got a job at Google!

Body odor (bad smell).
That guy has some serious B.O. Gross.


Buy one get one. 
There was a BOGO sale, so I bought a shirt and got one more free! I was confused in Korea because they called BOGO "1+1."

Bolt or Bolt for:
Run lightning fast.
When the dog heard me coming, it bolted into the other room!


Boss (someone) around:
Tell someone what to do a lot.
Don’t boss me around.


Some good luck.
I caught a break when the teacher rescheduled our test.

Break up:
End a relationship.
Break-ups really hurt. When my ex broke up with me, I cried!


Male friend.
Give me some help here bro!

Out of money.
I’m broke because my job isn’t paying me enough.


What’s going on buddy?

Disappointed, let-down.
It’s a bummer knowing I won’t see my friend for a long time.

Burnt out:
Very tired, exhausted.
I got burnt out working 60 hour weeks last year.


A person, thing or event that takes away your excitement/happiness and depresses you.
You know, I like hanging out with Lisa, but she's such a buzzkill.



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