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Idioms - I

Icing On The Cake:

Something good has already happened, but then more good stuff happens.

The icing on the cake was that after our team won, our coach took us to a pizza place for a party! 

If the shoe fits, wear it:

If something is true for you, accept it.

Person A. She told me I shouldn't lose my temper so much. Can you believe her?

Person B: Well, if the shoe fits, wear it.


I'll bite:

To ask about curious or unusual behavior.

Alright, I'll bite. Why are you wearing that hat in the office today?


In No Time:

With very little time passing.

The doctor said he'd get my leg fixed in no time.


In the Heat Of the Moment:

Feeling overwhelmed with feelings from whatever is happening.

In the heat of the moment, I got angry and said things I didn’t mean to say.


In Your Face:

Being aggressive in person. | It can also mean, “I won.” or “I got what I wanted.”

My dad was in my face about missing school on Tuesday. |  In your face! Manchester United won!


It's A Deal:

OK (use after you make an agreement).

It's a deal. We'll meet at the park and go to the cinema tomorrow evening.


It's A Small World:

You meet someone unexpectedly where you are. Or you share a mutual friend with someone and you didn’t know that.

“Oh really? You know Ben? Wow. It’s a small world.”


It's on me:

I will pay.

Don't reach for your wallet. Lunch is on me. 


It's your call: 

Choice, decision. 

Listen, I don't wanna interfere. It's your call.


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