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"Going home"

Jamal was going home. He was in Singapore on business, and he was going home to Los Angeles, California. Singapore is in Asia. Los Angeles is in North America. The Pacific Ocean is between Asia and North America. Jamal was very far away from home.


Jamal was in Singapore by himself. His wife was not with him. His daughter was not with him. Jamal missed them very much. He wanted to go home and see them.


It took Jamal a long time to get home. He used a car, a train, a bus and a plane. 


This is how he got home:


He walked down the stairs from his hotel room. He paid for his hotel room and walked outside. He waited for a taxi on the sidewalk. 


A taxi picked him up. The driver put his suitcase in the trunk. The driver drove Jamal to the airport, and they talked to each other the whole way. The driver was very friendly. He took Jamal's suitcase out of the trunk at the airport, and Jamal paid him.


Jamal did not need to pay for his plane tickets at the airport. He paid for his tickets on the internet. He sat in the airport and waited for his plane.


There was an announcement on the loudspeakers that Jamal's flight was ready to board. He went in line and then went on the plane. 


He watched a movie during the flight. The flight attendants served dinner and breakfast. After they ate breakfast they landed at the airport in Los Angeles. 


Jamal was in his home city, but he was not home yet. He rode the bus from the airport. The bus took him into the city. The bus was crowded, so Jamal got up and gave his seat to an elderly woman when she boarded. The woman said "thank you" and smiled to Jamal.


Then he got on the train. He paid for a train ticket and boarded the train. The train had air conditioning, and it was a comfortable ride. It took him to his neighborhood, but he was not home yet. 


Jamal walked from the train station to his house. It was a sunny day, and it wasn't a hard walk. His daughter was waiting for him on the front lawn when he got home. She shouted and called her mom when she saw Jamal. Jamal hugged and kissed his wife and daughter. He was home!


(Questions with pictures have answers! Just click the picture!)

1. Where does Jamal live?

2. Which ocean is between Asia and North America?

3. What did Jamal use to ride to the airport?

4. Why was the train ride comfortable?

5. What meals did Jamal eat on the plane?

6. Why did Jamal stand up on the bus?

7. What did the woman on the bus say to Jamal?

8. What was the weather in Los Angeles like?

9. Where was Jamal's daughter waiting?

10. Why did Jamal go to Singapore?

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