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Idioms - M

Made of Money:

Someone with lots of money.

I can't afford that. I'm not made of money!


Make Ends Meet:

Using all the money you earn on your bills and having no money left.

I'm just trying to make ends meet, but it's tough in this economy.


Make hay while the Sun shines:

To do a task while conditions are favorable.

He didn't delay. He's making hay while the Sun shines.


Make Something Up: 

Lie, be dishonest, fabricate.

Person A: What are you gonna tell your parents?
Person B: I don't know...I'll just make something up. 


Meet Me Halfway:

Compromise to agree.

Listen, you want $9, but I'm offering $5. Let's meet halfway at $7. 


Mercury is falling:

It is getting colder.

When the mercury falls I tend to stay inside and stay warm with a cup of tea.


Middle of nowhere:

A place very far away from cities or civilization.

This mountain cabin is beautiful, but it's in the middle of nowhere!


Move up the ladder:

To become more successful (especially through promotions at work).

My plan is to move up the ladder and become the boss one day.


Mumbo Jumbo:

When people say something that is nonsense or that you really disagree with.

That’s a bunch of mumbo jumbo. The president isn’t trying to destroy the country!


Mum's the word:

Don’t talk about this. Keep quiet.

“Hey! About my secret…mum’s the word, ok?”

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