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Idioms - M

Made of Money:

Someone with lots of money.

I can't afford that. I'm not made of money!


Make Ends Meet:

Using all the money you earn on your bills and having no money left.

I'm just trying to make ends meet, but it's tough in this economy.


Make Something Up: 

Lie, be dishonest, fabricate.

Person A: What are you gonna tell your parents?
Person B: I don't know...I'll just make something up. 


Meet Me Halfway:

Compromise to agree.

Listen, you want $9, but I'm offering $5. Let's meet halfway at $7. 


Mercury is falling:

It is getting colder.

When the mercury falls I tend to stay inside and stay warm with a cup of tea.


Middle of nowhere:

A place very far away from cities or civilization.

This mountain cabin is beautiful, but it's in the middle of nowhere!


Move up the ladder:

To become more successful (especially through promotions at work).

My plan is to move up the ladder and become the boss one day.


Mumbo Jumbo:

When people say something that is nonsense or that you really disagree with.

That’s a bunch of mumbo jumbo. The president isn’t trying to destroy the country!


Mum's the word:

Don’t talk about this. Keep quiet.

“Hey! About my secret…mum’s the word, ok?”

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