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Slang in American English - C



Prediction or decision.
The meteorologist made the wrong call. It didn’t snow at all.

Call it a day:
To stop for the day.
We decided our work was done and called it a day.

Call the shots:
To make the decisions.
I’m the one calling the shots. Got it?

Carbohydrates (nutrition term).
Some people have low-carbohydrate diets.

Did you bring any cash? I’ve only got my card. 

Click the picture for a money idiom!

Cash in:

Make money doing something.
Some people cashed in when they bought Google stock a long time ago. 

Catch some rays:
Get tan in the sun. Enjoy the sun.
Alright man, I’m going outside to catch some rays. 

Check out:
To see or look at. Also to pay at a store or where you pay at a store.
I checked out some Adam Sandler movies.
I’m gonna checkout now. Are you sure we don’t need to buy anything else?

Cheap, lame.
Have you heard that new love song? It’s so cheesy.

Girl or young woman. (Offensive to some people.)
A lot of girls don’t like being called “chick.”

Chill or Chill out:
To relax.
Chill dude. It’s not a big deal.

Let's chill out and binge-watch some TV.



Chill + relax. Take it easy.
I'm just chillaxing by the pool.


Chow down:
Eat quickly.
I’m about to chow down on these mashed potatoes!


This shirt feels really comfy.



Cheat or deceive
The car salesperson tried to con me.


Cookout (Cook-out, Cook out):
A meal that is often cooked and served outside.
Are you still gonna come to my cookout Friday night?


Awesome. Great. Super. Nice. Impressive.
That car is so cool!

Cool down:
After a fight or argument, to relax.
Cool down and think rationally.

Police officer.
Some people strongly dislike cops. 

Couch potato:
Person who watches TV all day.
Don’t be such a couch potato. It’s a sunny day!

Crank up:
Increase volume.
Crank up the music dude!

To sleep. 
Can I crash at your place after the party?  

Creep or Creeper:
A weird or strange person.
That old man is such a creeper. Ew.

Did you have a crummy day?

Easy and comfortable.
Your job is so cushy. You just sit around all day!

Cut it (To not cut it):
Not be enough.
Listen, your apology isn’t gonna cut it. I’m still angry. 


Cut it out:
Boys, cut it out. Quit fighting now! 



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