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Sentence Completion (advanced 2)

1. We forgot the keys to the house, so we hid from the rain under the ______ of the building.


a. underpass

b. overhang

c. threshold

d. entrance



2. Without a helmet, the football player's head is _______ to injuries.



3. Water is ____ in the desert.



a. scarce

b. plentiful

c. abundant

d. tasteful



4. The researchers' _____ is that the new drug will cure the disease. 



a. trial

b. hypothesis

c. conference

d. evidence



5. "Look, my hair is dripping wet from the rain storm. I'm ____!"

a. arid

b. damp

c. soaked

d. immersed



6. Their lawn looks green and ____ because they water it with a hose everyday.


a. vivid

b. patchy

c. rusty

d. lush



7. The ____ on a plane not only help the passengers be comfortable (bringing them pillows and drinks, for example), but they're also there for their safety.


8. Those parents _____ their child's many foibles and flaws.


a. overlook

b. maintain

c. betray

d. entertain



9. The cow walks down the ____ to get to the pasture.


a. path

b. highway

c. alley

d. interchange



10. The woman who just broke her ankle walks around with a ____.


a. gait

b. trot

c. limp

d. stroller


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