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About our Classes

 Our 1:1 English classes provide a unique opportunity for students to learn English online from anywhere in the world with experienced ESL teachers.


Students are evaluated to determine their English proficiency during free trial lessons, so we can learn about their English goals. After that, students may buy and begin their online English classes with a new teacher that is selected to meet the student's scheduling and learning needs.


Our students learn English through a variety of methods. We don't use the same teaching style or curriculum for every student because, of course, all of our students are different. They come to us with different needs and goals. We feel that students can learn ESL more quickly, easily, and efficiently by creating individualized lessons that taget each student's unique reasons for taking online classes with us. For example, some students need help writing essays for their university courses. Others run meetings at work and need help developing their speaking skills. In short, our teachers don't want to waste your time with irrelavent lessons that won't help you in your life. 


Our expert ESL tutors are so flexible because--we believe--they are some of the best in the business! We search for teachers with lots of experience and advanced degrees. We require that they have teaching experience online AND in traditional classrooms. They draw on their experience to help you learn English fast. Our tutors are sensitive to the learning needs of both children and adults, and they understand that what a child needs may be different from that of an adult. Try classes with us and see the difference that personal attention makes!


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