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Frequently confused words

Do you have a large vocabulary, but still don't have a feel for when it is appropriate to use certain words? Do you know that "beverage" and "drink" have similar meanings, but don't quite know under which circumstances you should use them? We've developed an "Appropriate Words" section to help intermediate and advanced English students master which words to use in the proper context. This will help students with their own speaking and writing in a variety of environments--from writing emails in the office to chatting with English speaking friends.


In these sentence completion exercises, you will notice that there are two answers to choose from. Both answers have similar meanings, but, if you look closely, you will see that their meanings vary in a very small way. The purpose of these worksheets is to see if you can find the difference in meaning between the two answers and use each word properly in context.


Remember, if you don't get the right answer, don't sweat it! In some cases, both answers can be used, but one word might be a little more appropriate to use over the other. These worksheets will help ESL students explore the fine differences in meaning between words that are very similar. They should also help those English learners feel certain of the precise definitions of these words. 


If you have questions about the answers or the specific meanings of any words, feel free to ask your teacher during your Skype class. They're a great topic of conversation for English lessons! If you haven't signed up for classes, no worries! We have an explanation of the answers below each worksheet. If it's not there yet, it will be soon! :)


As with all of our Extra English Help, these worksheets are free and open to all English students, whether or not you've signed up for Skype English classes with us. 


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