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Slang in American English - F



Fair and square:
Very fair.
I won fair and square dude! 

Fall for:
Be tricked into believing.
I told him that I threw his keys in the trash and he believed it. I can’t believe he fell for it!


Fall for (2nd definition): 
To fall in love. To really, really be in love.
When did he fall for you?

Fall short:
To not be enough. 
He fell short of his goal of losing 10 pounds, but he still lost 8.


How's your fam doing?


Fed up with:
Tired of or annoyed with. 
I'm getting fed up with all of your lies! Tell the truth!


Feel the Burn:
The sensation in your muscles during/after exercising. 
Can you feel the burn yet?

Fired up:

Very excited or enthusiastic.
I'm fired up about watching the new Batman movie. 



Suspicious or odd.
There’s something fishy going on here. I don’t like it. 


Initial fee/cost - often used to talk about taxi prices.
The flagfall in Korea is only about $2.75.


Flip out (Freak out):
To get extremely upset or distressed.
He flipped out when he saw that we painted his room!

Your folks are so cool! 


Person who has a special interest in food. 
Foodies can be quite snobby! 

That kid is such a freak! 

Something you get for free.
They had all kinds of freebies at the store for their promotion. 




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