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"The House"

There is a big house next to the river. The house is old, but it looks beautiful! A family lives there, and they like their house.


The walls of the house are white. The roof of the house is red. The door of the house is blue. The dad painted the door. The mom painted the walls. And the children play next to the river.


Fish, frogs, and turtles live in the river. The children play with the animals in the river. They swim in the river and sleep on the grass. The grass is next to the river. They climb the tree after they sleep.


People live in the house. The house has 5 rooms. There are two bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a living room. There are mirrors in the bedrooms and bathroom. There are sinks in the kitchen and bathroom. There are chairs in the kitchen and living room. There is a big, round table in the kitchen. The children read books in the kitchen and eat in the living room.


"No. You should eat in the kitchen and read in the living room," the parents say. The children do not listen.


The parents cook a delicious soup in the kitchen. The soup is made from vegetables. The children go to the kitchen and eat in the kitchen.


"It is easy to eat in the kitchen," say the children, "because there is a table in the kitchen. There is no table in the living room. It is hard to eat there."


"Good!" say the parents.


The family eats at the table. The table is made from wood. The floor is made from wood. But the walls are made from bricks. Bricks are strong and heavy. Wood is strong and light. The house is old, but it looks nice because it is made from strong things. It will be next to the river for a long time!

An audio version of "The House"


(Questions with pictures have answers! Just click the picture!)

1. Where is the house?

2. Where do the fish, frogs, and turtles live?

3. What are the walls made from?

4. Who painted the walls?

5. Who painted the door?

6. What is the floor made from?

7. What does the family eat?

8. The children ____ in the river and _____ on the grass.

9. What is the soup made from?

10. How many bathrooms are in the house?

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