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I and Me

I and me teaches students how to properly use I and Me as well as other subject and object pronouns. You probably know what pronouns are, especially if you take classes. Pronouns are quicker, easier ways to refer to subjects and objects in sentences.


Ms. Judy is my teacher. Ms. Judy writes and writes on the board, and we have to take notes. Ms. Judy is so boring.


Do you notice how that sentence is too repetitive? It seems weird to keep writing ‘Ms. Judy.’


Ms. Judy is my teacher. She writes and writes on the board, and we have to take notes. She is so boring!


That’s much better! Using pronouns makes sentences easier to say, read and write, and it is necessary if you want to speak English well. However, there are two types of pronouns: subject pronouns and object pronouns.

Subject Pronouns

Objects Pronouns















Subject pronouns refer to the people/things doing the action.

He is a giant among men.

Who won the prize for best student?


I wouldn’t say “Him is a giant…” or “Her won the prize...”


Object pronouns receive the action, or they come after a preposition (of, in, near, etc.).


The palm trees are above him.

The music is too loud for them.


I wouldn’t say “The palms trees are above he” or “The music is too loud for they.”


So to answer the original question about the difference between I and me, “I” is a subject pronoun, while me is an object pronoun.

I have traveled to Asia, but not to Europe.

My friend told me about his travels.



With a bit of practice, you will master this grammar skill.





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