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Idioms - W

Waiting in the wings:

Someone who will be waiting nearby to help or act when needed.

Don't worry. I'll be waiting in the wings if you need me.


Wake up call:

A warning which means that you must change your behavior in some way. 

Being out of breath after walking up a few steps is a wake up call for me. I must start exercising again!



Walk a Mile in Someone's Shoes:

Experience what someone else experienced. 

If you think you're life is tough now, you should walk a mile in my shoes.


Weigh in:

When someone gives their opinion.

Natalie finally weighed in and said she didn't want to go to the restaurant. She wanted to go to the movies instead.


When It Rains, It Pours:

When things go badly, they go really badly.

First my dog dies, now my house burns down. When it rains, it really pours.


When Pigs Fly:

Something that will never happen.

I’ll believe your story when pigs fly.


A win-win is a situation that benefits everyone involved. Cooperation.

The company was offered tax breaks to move to our city because it will create 370 new jobs. That's a real win-win situation. 


Wine and Dine:

A person is taken out for really nice food/drinks.

The company wanted to hire me, so they wined and dined me first.


Without A Doubt:

For certain.

Without a doubt, she’s the love of my life.


Work Out: 

To exercise at a gym, with weights, or something similar.

I'm working out extra because it's winter and I'm eating a lot.


Wrap up:  

To finish or complete.

I'm going to go home after we wrap up the meeting.


Wrapped up in:  

Very interested in or concerned with.

With media, work, responsibilities, etc., it's easy to get wrapped up in how bad the world is and how bad people can be, but life's too short to be a pessimist. Be happy, be positive!



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