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Slang in American English - P



Party animal:
Someone who really just loves parties.
My friend is such a party animal.

Party foul:

Something at a social occasion that shouldn’t be done.
You broke a bottle dude. Party foul!


Peace out:
A way of saying goodbye. (Peace, I'm leaving.)
Yo, I'm headin' home. Peace out!


Pep or Peppy:
Full or energy.
That’s one peppy dog! 

Pick back up:
Let’s pick back up on page 212.


Pissed off:
Very angry.
I wasn't really pissed off when he called me a wimp. I don't care what he thinks.


Very, mostly.
I'm pretty annoyed, so I'm gonna leave.


Pretty Penny (A pretty penny):
Lots of money. Expensive.
That vase must cost a pretty penny!


I’m so psyched for the new James Bond movie!

Crazy person.
Don’t be such a psycho. Quit yelling.

Throw up. Vomit.
He puked on the table! 


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