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Slang in American English - D



No activity (quiet in a place). OR Very, extremely
This city’s so dead at night. I hate it.
You’re dead right. It wasn’t my fault.

Not great, not bad. Just pretty good.
I had a decent time, but that’s it.

Leave someone or something.
Come on, don’t leave yet. You’re really gonna ditch me for your girlfriend?

I earned a lot of dough selling my old toys online.

Down for:
Happy or content doing.
I’m down for anything really. We can hang out or go eat or whatever.


Doze off:

Fall asleep.
I dozed off and missed the end of the movie! 


Dragging on (and on):
Something that drags on is boring and seems to last forever.
Dude, this speech is dragging on and on and on and on!  

Drama queen:
One who gets too emotional about things.
My friend is such a drama queen!  


Draw in:
Bring or pull closer.
That girl's bad for you! She's drawing you in like a spider!  


Buddy, friend.
Dude, quit it!


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