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Idioms - H

Hat Trick:

When a player scores three goals in one soccer or hockey game.

Yesterday, my nephew had a hat trick in his hockey game!


Have a bee in your bonnet:

To talk about something you think is important.

She has a bee in her bonnet about climate change. Don't bring it up during conversation because she won't stop talking about it once she starts!


Head Over Heels:

Overly excited, especially related to liking or loving someone.

He was head over heels for her after their first date!


Hit the Books:


I guess I need to hit the books tonight, or else I’ll fail!


Hit the Hay (Hit the Sack):

Go to sleep.

I’m gonna hit the hay; it’s getting late.


Hold Your Horses:

You need to be patient.

Hold your horses. I’m almost ready to leave.



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