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Idioms - U

Uncharted waters:

To be in a situation that you have not been in before.

The company just started manufacturing smartphones. These are uncharted waters for them.


Under Fire:

Being criticized a lot.

He came under fire for his coaching decisions.

Under the Weather:

Feeling sick.

She’s under the weather today. I think she ate something bad.


Until the cows come home:

To do something for a very long time.

You can keep stalling until the cows come home. But you have to eventually start that essay.


Up in the air:

When something is unresolved or undecided.

My plans for the weekend are up in the air.


Up the ante:

To raise what is at stake.

My boss upped the ante when she told me I could either use the new system (which I disliked) or start looking for a new job.


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