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Complete the sentences

(for beginners 3)

Here you will find a multiple choice sentence completion worksheet for beginners. Choose the correct answer from four possible choices. You can click on the answers to check if you are right!


As with all of our Extra English Help, these worksheets are free and open to all English students, whether or not you've signed up for Skype English classes with us. 


1. ____ is the third month of the year.


a. January

b. February

c. March

d. April



2. ______ have wings and talk.


a. sharks

b. cats

c. ducks

d. parrots


3. ____ is a white food.



a. rice

b. meat

c. tea

d. grass



4. ____ is the seventh month of the year.



a. May

b. June

c. July

d. August

5. ____ is a school subject about numbers.



a. Science

b. Math

c. Geography

d. History



6. I play ____ with the trumpet.


a. games

b. tricks

c. music

d. cards


7. _____ is the twelfth month of the year.


a. September

b. October

c. November

d. December



8. ____ cannot swim.


a. Fish

b. Turtles

c. Trees

d. People



9. _______ is a country.



a. London

b. English

c. England

d. The North Sea



10. ____ move on the road.


a. trains

b. cars

c. planes

d. boats


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