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Slang in American English - T



Bad taste. Cheap, showy.
That is the tackiest shirt I've ever seen.
It was tacky to make your ex-boyfriend leave the school party. 

Tag along:

Go with.
I know it’s not exciting, but wanna tag along to the doctor’s office? 

Take care of business:
Get something done.
I’m gonna take care of some business before we hang out.


Take a load off:
To relax.
Sit down. Take a load off. 

Take off:
To leave, depart.
I’m gonna take off soon, so I’ll call you when I land!

Take a joke:
Listen to a joke about yourself without getting hurt.
Learn how to take a joke. I’m obviously kidding.

That hit the spot:
Delicious (food/drinks).
Thanks for dinner mom. It really hit the spot.

The race was close.


I'll be gone till Tuesday.


Tired of:
Bored, angry or annoyed at something or someone.
I'm tired of you making a big deal about my career dreams.


Tomboy (also see girly-girl):
A girl who behaves/seems like a boy in society's opinion.
My mom was a tomboy growing up.


Tourist Trap:
Place designed to attract tourists (and their money!)
While the Great Wall in China was designed to keep intruders out, now it draws the world in! This tourist trap earns China a pretty penny!


To destroy. 
They trashed our house during the party. 

Turn-off and Turn-on:
Something that makes someone less or more attractive.
His height was a turn-off, but his smile was a big turn-on. 


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