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Idioms - F

Face the music:

To deal with the consequences.

Well, I was caught speeding on the highway, so I'll just have to face the music and pay that expensive fine.


Fair game:

Someone or something that is easy or open to attack or criticism.

Their audience is fair game, and I think we should try to get them to see our movie instead.


Fair weather friend:

Someone who is only friends with you when times are good.

Don't worry about breaking up with him. He was only a fair weather friend anyway!


Finger lickin' good:

Food so good, you want to lick your fingers to taste it after you’ve eaten.

Those french fries were finger licking good.


Flea Market:

Place where people buy and sell things.

At the flea market, I got a used couch for only 50 bucks! 


Flesh out (your ideas or opinions): 

Add details. 

I have a rough idea of the story I'm writing, but I need to flesh it out.


Flush out: 

Force someone/something to leave a hiding place. 

I'm gonna use loud noises to flush the cat out of the closet.


Follow Suit: 

Do the same thing that someone else did already. 

England legalized gay marriage, but Uganda isn't likely to follow suit.


For good: 


Now that we blocked them, they should stop calling us for good.


French Kiss:

An open mouth kiss where tongues touch.

She french kissed him - it was gross!


Frog in my throat:

To have difficulty speaking because your throat feels dry

I had a frog in my throat during the presentation, and I had to have a drink of water.

From Rags To Riches:

Someone goes from being poor to being very wealthy.

The lottery winner has a rags to riches story.


Full blast:

To the highest extent possible.

I couldn't sleep last night! My neighbor was playing his stereo at full blast.



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