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Idioms - T

Tables are turned:

When some who had a disadvantage gets an advantage and vice versa.

Look at how the tables have turned. The runner who was in last place is now the leader of the marathon!


Tackle an issue:

To handle or resolve a situation.

Let's make a strategy before we tackle that issue.


Take a back seat:

When you are not the leader or in control of something.

My boss told me to take a back seat on this project and let my partner handle it.


Take a toll:

To cause damage or have a negative effect on something.

Working two jobs is really taking a toll on me! I think I have to quit one of them soon.


Take by storm:

To capture everybody's interest.

The fabulous new singer is taking the world by storm.


Take it easy:

Relax, enjoy.

I heard you took the day off yesterday? Were you sick or just relaxing?

Take Stock of:

Evaluate. To take account of.

Let's take stock of what food we need before we go grocery shopping.


Taking the Day off:

Not working.

I heard you took the day off yesterday? Were you sick or just relaxing?


The Ball’s (ball is) in Your Court:

It is your decision.

Listen, I chose the restaurant last time. The ball’s in your court this time!


Third time’s (time is) a charm:

When something hasn’t worked the first two times, the third time is lucky.

Well you messed up twice already. Third time’s a charm.


Throw a party:

To organize and hold a party.

We threw him a party after he graduated.


Tie the Knot:

To get married.

I heard your friends Sue and Roger tied the knot.


Time's up:

A period of time has ended.

OK class. Time's up. Time to hand in your tests!


To die for:

It's great.

This chocolate cake is to die for!


To Make a Long Story Short:

To get to the important part of a story and leave out other details.

To make a long story short, we went to the grocery store, but our flat tire kept us from shopping!


To Steal Someone's Thunder:

Take the excitement out of something that was going to be said or done by someone else.

My brother told my parents that my wife and I were getting married. He really stole our thunder.



Outcome that could go either way.

I’m not sure who will win. It’s a toss-up!

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