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Slang in American English - R



Loud noise.
I wish the neighbors would quit making so much racket.

Rain or shine:
The weather doesn’t matter.
The wedding will happen rain or shine. 

Rake in:

Make lots of money.
He’s raking in so much money he doesn’t know what to do with it! 

Red eye (n.):
Overnight flight.
Flying back from Hawaii, I had to take the red eye.


That game was redonkulous! I can't believe the US soccer team gave up a goal with just 20 seconds left!

Ride (also see Wheels):
Wow. That’s your new ride? Impressive. 

Ride shotgun:
To ride in the front passenger seat of a car.
I called shotgun, don’t even try to sit up front. 

Road rage:
Drivers who can’t control their anger and start yelling, honking, etc.
Sometimes, road rage gets out of hand and someone gets hurt. 

To be awesome, great.
You’re traveling to India? That rocks dude. I can’t wait to do that!


Roll with the punches (roll with it):
Accept things or adapt to them and keep moving in life.
I know you're mad about your test, but you
gotta roll with it.  

Short for Romantic Comedy.

What's your favorite rom-com?

Rough or Rough time:
Losing my grandma to cancer was a rough time in my life.

This party rules! 


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