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Extra English Help

Extra English Help is a collection of free resources that we have developed to help ESL and EFL students. On the sidebar, you'll see our Reading for Beginners, Sentence Completion, Appropriate WordsSlang, Idioms, Grammar and Writing Guide, and Pronunciation Guide pages. There, you can access supplemental information that, in conjunction with our classes, will drive your English language skills and knowledge to a new level! We're always adding new material, so check in every once in a while, and see what's new!

Reading for Beginners

This page has short, simple stories that are suitable for both children AND adults! After each story, you will find an audio version in case you are interested in hearing how the words should be pronounced or want to practice listening comprehension. You will also find reading comprehension questions to quiz you on what you understood in the story.


Sentence Completion

This section of our website has sentence completion exercises. These exercises should help students learn vocabulary and recall words while speaking and writing. We also have subject-specific worksheets in topics like geography and astronomy! Each sentence has multiple answers to choose from.


Appropriate Words

Here you will find a unique kind of sentence completion exercise that we have developed to help students learn the subtle differences between frequently confused words. Sometimes it's important to know when it is appropriate to use one word over another. This is a crucial skill if you hope to speak accurately and without being misunderstood!


Listening Comprehension

Certain students struggle to understand what other people are saying. Sometimes people speak too quickly or use complicated words. Sometimes strange or unusual speech patterns make it difficult to understand what someone is saying. That's why we've created this compilation of videos and listening comprehension questions. Watch the videos and see if you can understand what is being said!



This is language that's used in informal situations in English. Even if you decide not to use it when you speak, others might, and there's a pretty good chance you'll encounter slang at some point. That's why it's important to familiarize yourself with these terms.



These are metaphorical phrases that are often used by native English speakers. Even if you know all the words in an idiom, you still might not understand its meaning. They have figurative meanings, not literal ones. That's why it's important to learn and study these phrases.


Pronunciation Guide

Here you will find some very practical help with pronunciation. Each section has video tutorials and mini lessons to help you learn how to speak English clearly and fluently. Check them out! They're very educational and interesting!

Grammar and Writing Guide

This page offers mini lessons about things like common grammatical mistakes, frequently mixed up words, writing help, punctuation advice and much more! It has a really comprehensive list, so be sure to check out everything it has to offer!

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