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Except and Accept


Except and Accept is an English help guide that teaches students the definitions of except and accept. Here, we also explain common mistakes and methods you can use to avoid mistakes. After reading this article, you’ll be able to select between except and accept correctly.






Except (preposition)

excluding (keeping separate)

Except (conjunction)

other than

Accept (verb)

       to take, receive or agree



Sample Sentences


Except (preposition)

Everyone can fit in my car except Jeff and Sandy.


Except (conjunction)

Her body is strong except her legs.


Accept (verb)

Will you accept my gift?

Do you accept my apology?


Sample Conversation


Dad: I can’t accept that you are going to college. I’ll miss you!

Beth: I know, but I’ll come home on weekends, except when I am too busy studying!


Dad: Yea, I know you’ll visit!



Your Huge Hint


If you aren’t sure which word you should use, except or accept, than use this simple test. Do you mean to say except (excluding) or do you mean take/receive/give.


Sentence: “That isn’t something I can except.” Replace except with exclude. Do you mean, “That isn’t something I can exclude” or do you mean “That isn’t something I can take/agree with?” You mean agree, so the sentence is incorrect.


Sentence: “I will accept your offer.” Replace accept with receive/agree. Does it make sense? Yes it does, so the sentence is correct.




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