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"This is our classroom"

Come see our classroom. My name is Dafne, and I am in sixth grade. There are twenty-three students in my class, and we have one teacher. Our teacher's name is Mr. O'Shaughnessy. We think he is a great teacher!


Our school is in the United States of America. We live in a state called Colorado. There are tall mountains in most parts of Colorado, but the land is very flat in eastern Colorado. Flat land is called a plain. We live in the mountainous part of Colorado. It is warm in the summer and cold in the winter.


Our school is on a quiet street called Washington Street. Washington Street is in front of our school. A baseball field is behind our school. Our school is between a bank and a supermarket. A bank is a place where people keep money. People buy groceries at the supermarket.

Foods from a supermarket or shop are called groceries!

Our classroom is on the second floor. I have to walk up the stairs to go to my classroom. My brother is in kindergarten. His classroom is on the first floor. He doesn't have to walk up the stairs.


We have lockers in our classroom. We put our coats, hats, and books in the lockers.


Each student does not have his or her own desk. We sit together at six different tables. We work together in groups. 


We have two computers in our classroom. Our class writes a blog every week, and we write about what we learned that week. People from all over the world read our blog.


There is a chalkboard at the front of our class. Mr. O'Shaughnessy writes things there so everybody can see. Sometimes students also write on the chalkboard.

A chalkboard

My neighbor, Francesco, is the same age as me, but he does not go to school with me. He has a much different classroom. His classroom is in his house. He is home schooled. His mom and dad teach him everything. Even though Francesco is not in my class, I still play with him after school. We take his dog on walks and play basketball in the park.

Do you play basketball?

I also learn in my house. I study Arabic on Skype, so I have a second classroom in my bedroom. Arabic is a language spoken in many countries. I save all the new words I learn in a file on my computer and practice speaking with my teacher. I listen to my teacher with my headphones, and I speak into a microphone. That is how my teacher hears me. He sees me because my laptop has a camera.


My teacher lives in Egypt. When I am older I will travel to Egypt and speak Arabic with the people there. 


When I finish my Arabic lesson, I turn off Skype and practice the new words I learned. Then I go to sleep and get ready for another day of school.


(Questions with pictures have answers! Just click the picture!)

1. What sport do Dafne and Francesco play in the park?

2. What state does Dafne live in?

3. What is behind Dafne's school?

4. How many computers are in Mr. O'Shaughnessy's classroom?

5. Who are Francesco's teachers?

6. What two things are next to Dafne's school?

7. What kind of pet does Francesco have?

8. Where do the students in Dafne's classroom put their coats, hats, and books?

9. Dafne speaks into a __________.

10. What does Dafne do after her Arabic lessons?

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