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Idioms - S

Safe bet:

Something that is not very risky.

Let's just go to park for her birthday. It's safe bet that everyone will like it.


Save face:

To do something so that you don't lose respect.

The world's best runner lost the race, but said he was injured to save face.



A person who takes the blame.

Don’t be a scapegoat. It’s not your fault this happened!


Seize the Day: 

Live for today. Find and use opportunities now.

I need to quit wasting my time and seize the day.

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Sell (something/someone) short:

To overlook something/someone's good qualities, to undervalue something/someone.

Don't sell yourself short. You're doing a great job!


Sick As A Dog:

To be very sick.

I’m sick as a dog. My legs are sore, my throat hurts, I have a headache, and I’m burning up! (burning up =fever)


Sitting (or Riding) Shotgun:

Being in the front passenger seat of a car.

Hey! I called shotgun. You sit in the back. 


Skip class:

When a student intentionally doesn't go to class.

The naughty students skipped their biology class this morning. 


Sleep in:
Sleep late in the morning or even until the afternoon.

I'm sleeping in. It's the weekend!


Smell Something Fishy:

Thinking something isn’t right about the situation (or a person).

Something smells fishy here. I don’t like it. I think it’s a trap!



Someone who is left-handed.

My English teacher Josh Shaman is left-handed! Cool!


Shower with: 

Cover someone with.

James Taylor sang, "Shower the people you love with love!"

She's so rich, she probably showers with money.

Spread the Word:

Tell people some information. 

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Start from Scratch:

Start over from the beginning.

Our plan failed, so we had to start over from scratch.

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