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Daylight Saving Time Explained



  1. Why did George Hudson propose Daylight Saving Time?
  2. When is Daylight Saving Time?
  3. Why don’t many countries that are close to the equator use Daylight Saving time?
  4. Which country first started using Daylight Saving time?
  5. Which US states don’t change their clocks? Why?
  6. How much money do people in the US save due to Daylight Saving Time?
  7. What are the problems with changing to Daylight Saving Time on Mondays?
  8. What’s the problem with scheduling international meetings and Daylight Saving Time?
  9. Who follows Daylight Saving Time in Arizona?



  1. George Hudson proposed Daylight Saving Time to give people more sunlight in the summer.
  2. Daylight Saving Time is between May and October.
  3. Many countries close to the equator do not use Daylight Saving Time because they do not have cold and dark winters.
  4. Germany was the first country to start using Daylight Saving Time.
  5. Hawaii and Arizona are the two states that don’t change their clocks. They don’t change their clocks because they are warm, sunny places.
  6. People in the United States save about $4 per household due to Daylight Saving Time.
  7. There is a higher chance of people having heart attacks and committing suicide when Daylight Saving Time is on Monday.
  8. The problem with scheduling international meetings is that people in different countries change their clocks at different times of the year, so it is difficult to remember and coordinate these changes (This holds true for Skype English lessons as well, so be sure to ask your teacher about Daylight Saving Time!).
  9. The Navajo Nation in Arizona follows Daylight Saving Time.
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